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 Fem!!!look at this!!!smile

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PostSubject: Fem!!!look at this!!!smile   Mon May 05 2008, 22:08

This is very powerful.
I am painter.
me and my boyfriend moved to a new place-i put one my painting on the
wall, because I like it not to be empty. It is lovely picture. On that
picture-there is man , woman and the cat. This cat on the picture is
male, young and has very long legs-I left it to be that way when I
painted it, I haven't planed it to look like this, but decided that it
is a kind of cute. And clap when I see my male cat -he is the one from
the picture.
I'm telling you this is very powerful experience. We haven't had this
cat when we moved in!!! I plan soon to paint man , woman and the money
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PostSubject: Re: Fem!!!look at this!!!smile   Thu May 08 2008, 12:38

horse Idea jumpbump
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Fem!!!look at this!!!smile
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