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 my work on my change of view to parents

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PostSubject: my work on my change of view to parents   Sat May 03 2008, 20:49

let say this way:
I hate them to call me because it is me that haven't change the picture of me according to them
I haven't change the picture from what it was to what it is
How would this conversation look like if I would have great consciousness of who I am now?
It would look like somebody is calling me and I answer from who I am.
I answer from adult me, I tell what I do at the moment of my life conscious that this is my life we are talking about. "I was visualizing"-I say consciously of that is who I am. Full me - me in fullness. What they surch to hear? my answer, and my answer is something fresh and new what they don't live. I am not them.
This comon pictures-shared datas that we had from childhood on, are not the same any more-my pictures and their pictures are not the same pictures. I talk from my pictures-they ask what are you doing-and I answer from my pictures, teaching, not trynig to get that close to them.
I say i was visualizing, I was listening to some good explanations of life and than I was motivated to further my visualization, picture and create realities that I want to live.
And it was feeling good because I am furthering my knowledges and getting closer each step of the way. That is the truth that needs not to be disscused by Her she asked, you answered. You haven't invite her to disscussion, you answered her question . what are you doing?
So you answer always in that way.
And it will change.
What are you doing-I write on the compiuter about the spiritual questions that occupy me at the time.
I eat warm milk with chockolate cereals. Don't fight the common images. Point is you are not them.
She can try to put yous in the same pocket , but her words are her talk and her next question, and that is what it is. she talks-you listen, and she asks, and you answer: he is having some exercises there...with his friend that work some kind of theatre...
It is good to be seen. Unique and interesting, I like to watch it happening and performing.
You don't think that this is from maternal control.
You think that she asks you from she is interested, she will take whatever you give her, because she is asking: who are you? And you can answer: whatever you are.
You give your pictures that are from your mind, not some shared documents.

He is helping on land.
So this are only your pictures, only your perceptions-your life.
happy Always it is your life, and never it is life that she shares, it is your starting point that makes your comunication one of two adults. She can do nothing about that.
Your distinction. Only one thought. I am talking from my adult position STOP.
And when you start it continues to be that way. So your comunication maybe can reach some good points of joy having this comunications.
You don't just answer her questions-you do it like it really interests her,

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my work on my change of view to parents
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