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 When in my house how earn money

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PostSubject: When in my house how earn money   Fri May 02 2008, 20:04

I would be in my house, big and everything I said before, and
I would draw something few hours a week and I would get 3000 euros or more monthly.
It would be dream. wooohoo
mood! heart2
Yes great great great dream.
thank you heart 1
magic magic magic
So imagine a little living there, your day,
You go to the bathroom and your bathroom is just as you want it to be. floor made of white, green mosaic, beautful, jami, fancy, heavenly. And you enjoy water. walls are white and clean,
Without a problem you go to a Barbara Ann Brannan school. Learn what you want to learn.
You coock, and it is nice arganic, grat invention of meal, it is enjoyement fullness and it is great served, and nice healthy water, and great event you two talking , eating our meal in our beautiful plates, and all beautifull dishes that makes you feel so good.
My mother come to a visit and she is paf. She is really paf paf paf. her bad looks like a paradise, and all the house is a paradise.
Swimming she is, too.
And Eating my preciouss meals and enjoying my kitchen, my dining room, she sees the beauty of life. she sees and feels the spirit. She knows that it is Divine. And she admires me. She sees the evidence of this beauty. And she wants to talk about truth. Because she cannot not to see. She has a lot to learn but now she can't argue anything with me , because it is too fucking hard to argue this!
She learns.
I take a nap on the sun surrounded with roses. Dreaming good. yes yes yes yes yes yes.

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When in my house how earn money
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