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 Question to Abraham

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PostSubject: Question to Abraham   Fri May 02 2008, 01:46

Ok, Abraham, you say that I will get in place and people that are in harmony to me, when i not make attention to the guys that are putting their arms in my area. Yes, yes. Yes, and
I wonder: For me harmony is what I defined my dream to be, my imagined job situation is harmony for me.
Yes , so I ask to what harmony I am going to - now with this people going out of my experience?
To what harmony?
Ok this is fer Question Ana.
You want it all now, not like slightelly change .
Because you now know that you deserve it-that it is given
And you go further in one single step.
Further...- you ask yourself how further? How further? Your emotion will tell you. How do you feel?
I feel like a milion dolars. Very Happy Well maybe you're to get milion dolars.
About the wanted job I feel: the wanted job, I feel hm I don't know how I feel. I don't feel, what does that means=you feel believe me , you do, you are not upset-you are peaceful, and you feel the power of magic you created. So you don't worry. You are feeling Source deep in you, all around you. Who are you-you are magical being. You're so smart and wise like "noone" working there you know where. Thats who you are, what you are. And you know that. You came to the point of geting yourself here in this society as welcomed, and as part, and as what you really are vibrationally, you accept yourself here now, you acknowledged your values. That's what you are, with this you are powerful vibrating being that wants to be born, that is getting to be born, that is on the surface to be born.
Don't surch for answers in the areas known to you, because answer that is given might come from the side you don't even know. Might come. Give the Universe whole specter of possibility to deliver this thing to you. Relax knowing that it is coming your way.
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Question to Abraham
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