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 Question to Jesus and Bashar: Can I fuck up the synhronicity

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PostSubject: Question to Jesus and Bashar: Can I fuck up the synhronicity   Fri May 02 2008, 00:33

Can I fuck up when someone shows that is of importance, and I fuck up the event?
Can I or can I not fuck up the synhronicity-in the meanings make bad choice for myself?
Lets discuss for a moment event you have already in mind.
You met this guy that was a figure that could take you closer to what you want at the time.
And you were happy, thrilled of joy and so on. But you were getting some informations that he is not really clean in his wish, he is not there to see you, as a talent, only, althought he was partly, and you haven't dress nice the day you met him, and that makes you angry-that that he couldn't see trought the clothes, real you. Yes? yes.
And reason why you havent interact with him is because you want all your relationships clear.
There is synhronicity there-you made energetic move on this side, and that is the gift of it.
You're afraid that you missed the chance, but you can never miss the chance. Because the chance was never there, it was only the mask for the other event.
You haven't dress nice althought you had the message from the angels to do so.
And you guilt yourself on that.
If I did it differently- you think, I would gain possition!
The only time you are gaining possition is when you vibrationally mach it, and that is the Law.
Do you understand it.

Yes, Thank you.
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Question to Jesus and Bashar: Can I fuck up the synhronicity
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