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 Rampage for finding my biggest fear

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PostSubject: Rampage for finding my biggest fear   Sat Apr 19 2008, 17:30

For a long time I thought you were absent. Now I know I was hiding from it. From you: Fear. Fear of failure at all kinds of aspects in my life. I noticed: Things I am affraid of I dont do at all. I avoid it. I ask my boyfriend if he can do it. I have this since I was 5. I love myself for finding this however I am more aware of this feeling and I do not like this feeling. Anyway: I appreciate you my fear! I axcept and appreciate you fear of failure!! I love you because of our confrontation and finding this old believes.I know it will get better.
cyclops I know I can try things. monkey
cat I know I am supported by my loved one. flower
rabbit I know I am doing the best I can from where I am standing right now. 👅
study I love the games in the astosnishing power of emotions. This game helps me too. Basketball
geek I love I can use EFT. However I feel rescistance to it. I know I should do it when it feels like this. jocolor
flower I love I can ask a spiritual healer I see soon. sunny
joy I love I make my own discision by not taking or apply for this job. lol!
dancer I love it I make my own discision to figgure out what I want for this life? happy
crazy I love it to find my own private goal in this life. :smileyQ:
downstream together I know it will happen. jea jea
lightening I know I have to let this go. lightening
mood! I know I have to let the desire of wanting this so badly go. heart2
sunshine I know All is Well. sunshine
simple I love this NOW.

L lovelove O lovelove V lovelove E,
Femhs Shine
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Rampage for finding my biggest fear
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