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 I appreciate enjoyment of the colors

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PostSubject: I appreciate enjoyment of the colors   Mon Apr 14 2008, 22:45

I appreciate enjoyment of the colors
I appreciate all about colors,
colors are wonderful wonderful wonderful

contrast of the colors
I appreciate colors in nature , on fishes, on flowers -this wonderful world -god created, art of existence,
I appreciate harmony of colors, I appreciate COLORED AIR , and meanings of colors,
lightening lightening color dance lightening lightening
lowe compositions lowe
and how they make me alive, reenergized
& beautiful tree in neigbours garden
foryou there is plenty to see loveeeey
I appreciate what colors remember me of Exclamation
I appreciate spiritual colors
I appreciate wild colors

I appreciate colors of the warm countries
I appreciate colors of love
colors of home

I appreciate how colors are full of life sunny and how food has its own colors
I appreciate
what everything you can do with colors
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I appreciate enjoyment of the colors
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