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 i appreciate my little black cat

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PostSubject: i appreciate my little black cat   Sat Apr 12 2008, 21:03

cat he is loving
he knowes what is going on
I appreciate how he loves to be around
I appreciate how his playfulness makes us happy
cat I appreciate hiy unique being cat
cat I appreciate his beauty
I appreciate his presence
his gentleness
Like a Star @ heaven
cat I appreciate his love for life
and how child-human he can be
cat cat cat cat
I appreciate how he's meditating-enjoying now
his touch of love, every mouve of love
I appreciate how he looks like a beauty phenomenon, he's so like Strahinja that he makes me enjoy even more
pet your cat
heart2 I appreciate how he likes to sleep behind us
You can feel life under his skin
he is so interested in things
He makes my life even more perfect
I appreciate love
and his kisses
he is really present as a being
thank you
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PostSubject: Re: i appreciate my little black cat   Sun Apr 13 2008, 22:18

I appreciate the best cat I ever had! My sweet black Jacky. Still love him. loveeeey srce loveeeey srce
friendsforever loveyou
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i appreciate my little black cat
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