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 Appreciating my new washingmachine

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PostSubject: Appreciating my new washingmachine   Mon Mar 31 2008, 10:48

I appreciate my new washingmachine!
I appreciate the man that will install it very well. They are nice people and will lift it up to the 3d floor and intall it at his space. They are very kind and professional and they also put my dryer on top, like we arranged. All of this goes very smooth. It is a nice washingmashine and I am so happy to wash again! Besides the washingmachine stands very stable and is soooo quite! I give the man coffee and they are very appreciative. The old one take they back with them like I arranged also. I am so happy and full of joy with this machine, its saves me time and I can do 3 washes in one! And it will be so much cleaner because of the more space and because of it spins more then the old one. I love this so much because now the cloths are more dry when the machine is finished. I love this specially because we have sometimes cold house and now the clothing is easyliy dry!!!
I love it! It was my own discision to buy this one and I do'nt care about others think! I love it! I have to use it! I love it! Ohhh Gossh I loved the feeling of descide what I wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![color=violet][b]Joehoe!!!!!!!!!I will have this washing mashine for years and years to come like 20!!!!! It will do his job so nicely!!I love it!
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Appreciating my new washingmachine
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