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 visualization for the purpose of joy and highteen vibration

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PostSubject: visualization for the purpose of joy and highteen vibration   Mon Mar 24 2008, 00:56

...mmmm I sit now in my garden and I see fairies in the flowers doing their job, they present to me beautifully, I'm under the morning Sun and fairies like to jump and communicate with me, giving me present of their wisdom, and special knowledges ..they are so beautifull
that I begin to be that beauty watching them, near by there is water in
my swimming pool, that gives me more special effects... ...
my strawberies and i feel special eating them knowing that...mmm my
strawberries, my fingers painted violet nails, look great on that
grass, beauty we are together with sun, and little bit of wind... in my
curly hair...i walk
the stones - MINERALS and walk over the wood...dwarf is there
waiting... for me. We walk together in this magic land that is oppening
in front of my eyes...water from brook is wild to hear and see, wit all
this smelly flowers I love around...we sit...
sit there on big stones fresh is all from water wilding there,
smelly...we are quiet, watching, enjoying this, big firy queen-angel
come, over the brook.they both fairy and dwarf want to feast me...
I feel good...she's giving me special touch more of splendid touch of
the head by her arms, and her arms are magical...her energy is not of
this world.she's giving me so much love...

I come home energized and enchanted... meal is cooked now..smells good, feels warm I eat with Rok...mmmmmmmmmmmm...mmmmm...after
that I meditate in my white room for meditation: still I see fairy
rainbow hands, she is once again alive, loving me, i feel
stay in that state forever, she loves me magically very much, I can see
the ocean, beautiful energy my head,she loves me she loves me she loves
me, at my home in my white room she brings light violet, fingers trough
my hair,than there com a man and asks me what do I want?
...And I say: I want piano...piano
in my living biggest room, empty around...and teacher...He puts piano
in my room and teaches me, and within a hour I play...I play classic
music...that relaxes me so well note paper in front, it rains outside,
and I play ,it's good. And I dance invented ballet,music is in me.Sun
is shining
strawberries ...mm,mnjam...few notes on piano, feeling the spirit in room now, quiet after rain, sunny just sitting, I have the music in meI go upstaires to my creative room, ahhahaha, I have so many rooms.-it feels good,
[size=200]in my creative room all colours and
furniture,and things are sunny, many colors inspire me there, fill me
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visualization for the purpose of joy and highteen vibration
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