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 this moment

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PostSubject: this moment   Mon Sep 22 2008, 23:35

I love this moment.
I love the positive feelings I have now. I love to feel guided by source. I love to take inspired action. I loved it at the rollercoaster yesterday. I love fun and fast rides!! I loved the wind in my hear and going up and down and fast, people screaming, I enjoy the feeling of rollercoasters so much!!! It was a fun, fun day. The sun was shining, there were no lines. A great family day. I felt so much love for my family.
jupi jupi jupi Celeb rideronflowofwell Celeb I love me for planning this trip, I am looking forward to more fun, fun trips with my whole family. loveyoukiss
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PostSubject: Re: this moment   Sat Sep 27 2008, 08:50

I love my morning
I love my night that brought me clarity
I love me, tea, cats...
I appreciate some answers from friends are so very happiness like
I look forward to more!!!
I love my life
and spirituality that is telling me where I stand...
lovelove lovelove lovelove lovelove sweethug lovelove Funjoy lovelove Celeb lovelove
I love me
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this moment
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