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 Rockenroll goddess was on Abraham on Boston, here is her text

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PostSubject: Rockenroll goddess was on Abraham on Boston, here is her text   Mon Jun 30 2008, 16:54

hello all, i am just home and coudnt wait to get on here and post to
you all! it was amazing to meet stephanie and give her a REAL human
hug--it was like we were long lost sisters--well in fact, we were never
lost--always part of the same soul cluster! We had done quite a bit of
pre-paving on this visit and it was everything we expected and more--to
the point were our husbands got along great and actually took my girls
around boston on saturday so we could focus on the workshop.

was lovely to meet lisa--who posts over on the abeforum under
iluvabraham--she has such a wonderful energy and we also met sandi, who
is married now to scotty the bus driver who takes esther and jerry
round...very nice people and lovely to be in their energy...

got to the workshop early, after poor sleep on both of our parts...we
were so buzzing with anticipation--all night, i lay in bed, trying to
formulate a question in my head to discuss with abraham--but i kept
coming back to a scene that i savored, the very beginning of my
conversation would be a specific thing--that i had day dreamed about
for ages--what i would say to abraham when i met them through esther
for the first time...

We got awesome seats on the aisle and sad
down next to a lovely lady named suzanne, who i hope will come on here
and visit with us--we had great seat mates all around many of who were
also at their first workshop. When esther came in and started to bring
in abraham, the energy in the room when through the roof, and i felt it
course through my body with such amazing love that i started to cry...i
had felt that feeling a number of times before--but this was like that
feeling on 10 cups of coffee--it was infectious, playful, loving and i
realized that abraham ONLY see us from our perfect place and our true
selves--they are not with us in our place of separation--and through
that energy--the SHOWED me myself...and it was such a blessing...

stephany said--we really attracted an amazing workshop--the questions
were vivid and alive with answers for all of us--thank goodness i
ordered the workshop tape because i simply cant remember it all--the
first question was for our seat neighbor suzanne about attracting
relationships, but it also started to answer some of my questions about
co-creating--another person asked about genes and instincts and that is
when abraham started talking about "flawed premises" and how many of us
have beliefs that simply are not true, and they limit us--and it is
hard to remove a belief, and you cant make yourself believe the
OPPOSITE--you just have to ask a different question that kind of works
around the first belief until that becomes your dominant
vibration--steph took good notes--i didnt take any as i said--but i am
sure her arm hurts from me nudging her over and over to write something
down that was big--abraham said, oh this is big, this is new, you are
really gonna like this--like 20 times that afternoon!

were questions about forgiveness, about what its like to be
non-physical--and staying always in joy and how that desire to always
be aligned stops our growth--that we much more perfer the contrast!
they really focused on the whole tornado of vibrational vortex a
LOT--and only once brought up the stream analogy when specifically
questioned on it--there were quite a few people talking about their
work, or their dreams for careers and about healers and coaches--which
was very up stephs alley...

after lunch--which was lovely and we
sat with a great girl from ottawa named martina who wants to be an
artist and i hope she comes and visits us here...we went back in and
sat down with anticipation...not sure if i was the second person to be
picked, but esther looked around the audience scanning and then her
eyes LOCKED on mine and she pointed...I had already been FEELING
STRONGLY in the center of my being this drawing on--i was almost in a
cold sweat at that point...so when my hand went up, i was like a little
kid--thinking ME, pick ME--and waving my hand around--and she DID...

skipped up the aisle--my ankle bells jingling, and i sat down and i
said--Abraham...I have been wanting to say this for a very long
time--YOU WICKED ROCK!!!!!! and i did the rock hand sign and
everything-and they smiled and i think they said-yes, we know or
something like that--but the audience really loved that, and I had been
imagining with such delight that scene and it was perfect!!! at that
point--all focus fell away except looking into esthers eyes--and
through her to the energy that i could FEEL and see coalescing behind
her--when abraham comes in, i can visibly see a bright gold or yellow
energy above and behind her head like a canopy almost and then behind
her neck is a glowing concentration of blue--right where her alter
major chakra extends backwards from her body--this is the chakra that
we utilize in connected wiht spirit--but it also wrapped around her
front to her throat chakra, which color is blue...

felt as if i had put my finger in a socket and that and energy was
being drawn from me and energy was then being downloaded into me--a
knowing--a "reprogramming" of sorts...I dont really remember much of
the interchange other than i was being breathed...MY inner being and MY
connection to source was enhanced and i could tell they were testing
the circuits...it was higher than any high i had ever experienced...and
i have experienced many...

I spoke to them about my co-creative
situation...i spoke to them about the differences between my husband
and i --and i did challenge them on their original premise that you
cannot create in anyone elses experience--but how is it that now they
are talking about a co-creative vibrational vortex...i laughed because
abraham said along the way that they liked that i challenge them the
way i do...a direct reference to my own connection to this source
group--there was a lot to do with me telling my own story--me focusing
on what i want and if i were really in alignment i would not notice the
others being out of alignment--there was a GREAT deal about how perfect
mixing it up with contrast is--and how we are all shooting off rockets
of desire and that instead of getting upset that someone is beating the
drum of what is to be IN JOY that they are shooting off all these
rockets and that IF i ONLY and always focus on the vibrational escrow
and see them as powerful creators--which they say my husband is--that I
BECOME a powerful attractor and catalyst for a shift in alignment--and
then WHEN the shift occurs, what we attract is different because WE are
different...they also started down a path about how i was speaking
about freedom and money being exclusive==and i said, OH NO thats not
what i believe, i believe and i live joy and freedom and money comes to
me and i dont work etc...and they smiled at that and said--yes, but
your husband believes that to have this freedom, he must work and work
hard--they then did this whole rampage about coming into alignment with
our vibrational escrow--but first they asked me to do it=--and i did,
but they said, i rushed through a bunch of steps and wwas only half
feeling it--they then talked about this vibrational alignment that if
you RUSH the speed, you are unbalanced and wobbling and eventually have
to slow down and fix the alignment...and it really made sense to
me...they led me to a place of powerful knowing that we have freedom,
adventure, abundance and joy and surprises amassed in our vibrational
escrow that WILL blow our minds when we come to that place of complete
alignment with our escrow...and at that point, i almost felt like a
leggo begin snapped onto a childs piece of construction and everything
within me came into alignment and i felt a surge of joy so strong,
tears coarsed down my face--and abraham laughed and said--oh look, we
were trying to make her feel better and now she feels worse--and i
cried out but abraham these are tears of joy!!! and they said--we
KNOW--we were teasing the guy from the first part! (he was a coach
teaching radical forgiveness...more on that interchange later...)

rest of the workshop was kind of a blur...but i do remember the man
behind us got chosen and when he sat down on the hotseat he said--COOL
BEANS! (LMAO!!! thanks for another nod universe!) thats my second most
popular catch phrase! hehehe....

Afterwards, when abraham came
to their conclusion and esther re-emerged--she jumped for joy!!! Steph
and i said our goodbyes to suzanne and wondered where everyone
disappeared to--found out later that MOST were so wiped they took naps!
we on the other hand talked like fiends for an hour and then went out
to dinner with our hubbies and the girls...after we dropped steph off
at the hotel, i THEN crashed hard and today am still feeling the
residue of the event--i remember with gentleness that after a huge
energy surge, the body needs time to catch up--and for most of the
event, after talking to abraham, i would feel kundalini coming up my
spin and shaking me spewing out my alter major--as if sparks were
escaping from my system with chills and shakes--it was amazing...

know that the reason i have waited to do a workshop was mostly because
i wanted to SHARE it with steph--and i am so glad that my
"devirgination" happened in such a wonderful lovely wicked rockin way!!!

I CANT WAIT for the CD's so i can share it with you all!

hugs! alex.
pat, its interesting you say that because one of the other questioners
was a gentleman who was a coach and teaching this radical
forgiveness...and he wanted to talk about the value of wallowing in the
original story...and abe said--absolutely not--no wallowing--that it
only reactivates the vibration--and he said--well, it validates the
person and abe said something like when were you EVER supposed to give
a rip about validation other htan your own inner being?

less on the story, more on the vibrational escrow--they went into a
segment where they spoke about our shared vibrational escrow in the
room...and the energy went through the roof--i think it brought
EVERYONES vibration up high and they were really FEELING what is in the

turn away from the story--turn to the escrow--turn
away from the story, turn to escrow...bit by bit--zesty bit by zesty
bit--life is contrast, close the gap, escrow delivered--the closing of
the gap is going up the emotional scale--and feel for the "wheel
alignment" as you roll on...

Esther had a powerful vivid dream
where she dreamed a maroon cadillac that was in front of the monster
bus and one tire was out of alignment, and instead of pulling over--the
driver GUNNED the engine to speed up--and the car started wobbling and
tipping and finally tipped over onto another car and a whole car
accident occurred where she had to drive around it in the monster
bus...she told jerry about it and the consulted abraham on the dream
and they said yep--that a tiny bit of imbalance on a vibrational
subject, when the SPEED OF THE STREAM is increased without attention to
the closing of the gap creates a BIGGER and bigger imbalance...and thus
no manifestation--and no feeling good...

this is HUGE--how often
to people try really HARd to run up the emotional scale? how really
hard do they just try to raise their vibe artificially...

thing that i found so HUGE was a clarifcation on the step one step 3
process--we are all ASKING TOO Much the same questions--and in the
asking we are not focusing on releasing and allowing we are holding our
vibration at the asking--and THUS we are not allowing it to come in!!!

shit! how many times do i ask to have a perfect body? how many times a
day have i asked for abundance???? our asking comes out of our
contrast--our asking is unconscious most of the time--but if we did ask
consciously--we should RELEASE IT--and know it is so--and focus then on
the escrow and coming into alignment with the ESSENCE of what we
want-and stop ask ask asking for it over and over...

In telling
our story, its telling the story of our vibrational escrow--not of--i
wish i had this and this and this--its I am so happy now because i have
THIS in my life and it makes me feel so good!

cool stuff...
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Rockenroll goddess was on Abraham on Boston, here is her text
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