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 The balancing of energies for Joyful creation

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PostSubject: The balancing of energies for Joyful creation   Thu Jun 26 2008, 18:07

The balancing of energies for joyful creation
The variety and contrast that surround you is of tremendous value....
The variety of your life inspires the launching of new desires
When you ask, it is always given
Anytime anyone from any perspective asks for anything, it is always given
only reason when people find themselves asking for something they are
not receiving is because they are holding themselves vibrationally
apart from their own desire

Examples of balancing contrasting vibrational frequencies:
Notice the beliefs that are active within the current situation-we''l call that the current contrasting situation
We will list the ( resulting )desires that are born out of that contrast
We'll list the (resulting)emotions/indications of vibrational discord, that indicate the current active vibration of belief
And now we'll offer the series of statements to assist in bringing the current active vibration into alignment to the desire
you understand the process of deliberately bringing the vibration of
your beliefs into alignment with the vibrations of your attentions, you
will be the deliberate creator of your experience and there would be NO
intentions that you cannot fulfill

If the life you're living has the resources to produce in you any
specific desire, than the resources exist for your full receiving or
manifestation of that desire.
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The balancing of energies for Joyful creation
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