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 Abraham & astrology

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PostSubject: Abraham & astrology   Sun Jun 22 2008, 20:42

Guest: I am very grateful to be
here. I am an astrologer, so I come from that perspective. And Abraham
teachings have really been resonating in me all my life, although I've
never been able to write them down within a coordinated way. But, what
is that horoscope, or that birth pattern of vibrational energy, what is
it's effect upon us as Beings and our point of vibrational attraction?
I look at it in the sense that I would look at a chart, and it's kinda
like: This Is What You're Here For, you know, it kinda gives you an
impetus down that line - not that you can't change it. But, what is the
meaning, I guess, of Astrology in our lives?

of Abe's answer that has not been included in this transcript, as I
wanted to stay focused with that part of the answer as it relates to
our Intent, either as individuals, or as soul clusters, when coming

Abe: Well, the Laws of this Universe are not only
about your physical offering of Laws. In other words, the Laws of the
Universe are consistent throughout the Universe. They are consistent
with the physical expression that is You; They are consistent with the
non-physical expression that is You. So, it is not the perfect analogy
but you will get the sense of it when you understand that the
non-physical part of you, just like the physical part of you, is
evaluating contrast and launching desires and that launching of desire,
you might say, from the non-physical perspective as it relates to the
physical earth experience that you are wishing for, or hoping for, or
creating for from your non-physical perspective - that is that stream,
or that path, that is later being charted as Astrology. It is the
Intent that was held from the non-physical perspective as you made your
decision to come forth into the physical experience.

So, if your chart is a representation of your past of what you brought
in from the non-physical, I would think - for my own self - I would
like to pay attention to that....

Abe: And we would encourage
you to do that, too, if there were any way for someone outside of you
to accurately predict, or read, that chart. The premise, or the idea of
the chart, gives you the focal point, which causes you to focus upon
the question and you are intuitively receiving the answer.

we are not in any way wanting to imply that there is not value and
truth to this science. What we are saying to you is that you have
within you a guidance system that is far more accurate and not
distorted by impressions and interpretations that have come along the
way . If you could come forth into your physical body and never think a
thought once you got here, then we would say, carry your chart around
and try very hard to stand in the places that it encourages you to

But because you are a creator, accept the power of your
Now and embrace the contrast that is there and feel the power of the
new idea or the new determination that is within you, and then reach
for the vibration of well-being and allow yourself to be the creator
that you've come forth to be. That which is your Inner Being is an
expanding thing.

So, if your Inner Being had a plan for you,
prior to coming here, it was a plan that was general in nature, it was
a plan that said "I will be of value"; it was a plan that said, "I will
have a lovely time;" it was a plan that said "I know I am a valuable
person;" it was a plan that said "I am Loved, I am Love"; it was a plan
that said "Well-being abounds"; it was a plan that said, "Only a source
of well-being exists"; it was a plan that said "Life is suppose to be
good"; it was a strong, significant, but by physical terms, a general
sort of plan of well-being and you said, "I will fill the details in
once I am there." Many will say, "Did I choose the specifics of what I
was living, because if I did I chose wrong because I would have rather
been born in Malibu." And we say, you chose, but you were choosing
vibrationally and you cannot use your physical standards in order to
understand the perfection of your choices.

You see, otherwise,
some people are believing that they are not valuable creators; that
they are somehow invaluable or unworthy participants and that God, or
whatever It is, has it all figured out and that you're here somehow to
do something, but you're not sure what it is, maybe prove some sort of
worthiness to something that is greater. And we say, Isn't it wonderful
when you finally, consciously realize that you are extension of that
which you are calling God and that everything is perfect for you and
the contrast gives you the new idea, ahhh - the joy of life is within
you in that moment, that birthing of the idea is the extension of
God-force or of Life-force!

And then, as you look at it, and
imagine it, and pretend it, and find vibrational harmony with it, and
allow it to flesh out and fill out, and be the experience of your life
experience, now you are having the satisfaction experience that, even
from your broader, non-physical perspective, you knew you would create,
but you did not necessarily know the details of how it would be

Astrology sounds a little bit like more
of it has been pre-determined so there is less for you to do other than
find your path and allow it to Be. While what we are saying to you is
You came forth with the Intent to determine otherwise you would not
have come forth. Your perspective and opinion matters because it is a
summoning mechanism, you see. And what is at the basis of that
misunderstanding, and what is the basis of the new understanding that
is feeling so good to you in remembering it, is that this Universe is
based upon attraction and there is no assertion. So there cannot even
be non-physical energy, or soul energy asserting itself into the clump
of flesh called You. Yes, it is very good.
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Abraham & astrology
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