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 Bashar on hearth

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PostSubject: Bashar on hearth   Tue Jun 10 2008, 21:33

Guest: I really, really, really understand the power of our hearts, and
this reality here lends it self often to put lots of weight and strain
on that. Do you have any kind of methodology other than just looking to
the positive and highest joy?-

Bashar: So you are asking me to make the process more complicated?

Guest: (laughs) No, I guess thats not what i'm asking.

Alright, it does not need to be more complicated that listening to your
heart and following it because your heart has memory, your heart has
wisdom, your heart has consciousness, your heart actually thinks . And when you can develop a balanced dialog between the heart mind and the head mind thats when everything falls into alignment.

see the idea of the way you are actually designed is: your head mind
needs to actually follow your heart mind, not the other way around.
They need to work in concert - but the head needs to take its cue from
the heart not contradict it and try to run everything. When it
understands that the heart is actually the center of your being for a reason ... Your world has been taught to think that 'whats on top is best' instead of 'whats in the center counts.'
When you understand its whats in the center that counts you will then
reverse the upside down relationship you have between your heart and
your head and you will move forward harmoniously.

- Bashar
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PostSubject: Re: Bashar on hearth   Wed Jun 11 2008, 15:45

beautiful horse
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Bashar on hearth
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