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 You don't have to put your attention on what you want , if it doesn't feel good

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PostSubject: You don't have to put your attention on what you want , if it doesn't feel good   Mon Jun 09 2008, 12:59

Once you identify that you want something you donít have to
continue to give it attention. Thatís like you tell your children to
take out the garbage and they donít, so you tell them again and again
and again and again. And people sort of translate that sort of behavior
to Deliberate Creation. They think: ďWell, as long as itís not here I
should keep asking.Ē But what you have to pay attention to is at some
point that asking usually turns upstream. In other words when you say:
ďI would like such-and-suchĒ, and then you say: ďand Iím looking
forward to it comingĒ. That would be all you need to do. ďIím asking
for it. Iím expecting it. Iím looking forward to when it comes. Iím
peaceful about it not being here yet. Iím willing to allow the process
to bring it to me. All is well.Ē

But when you say: ďOh, I see
it isnít here yet, I better ask again. Oh, I see it isnít here yet, I
better ask again.Ē Before you know it youíre pointed upstream. Youíre
saying: ďWhere is it? Has someone forgotten me? Am I no longer worthy?
Did I do something wrong? Did I miss something on the process? Do I
need to do something better? Do I need to pray harder? Do I need to ask
more specifically?Ē And we say you need to stop focusing on the absence
of it.

The ONLY thing that keeps you from having everything
that you want is that you have an attitude of its absence that is more
dominant than an attitude of its presence. So when you really want
something and you know its gonna comeÖ Hereís a good way of looking at
it: Imagine going to a movie that youíve either seen before or someone
told you that it has a happy ending. And even though, in the middle,
itís not the way you want it to be Ė nobodyís getting what theyíre
wanting and the movie in the middle is in a terrible placeÖ when you
know the outcome then you can sit there in a calmer, more positively
expectant attitude. And so what we want you to begin to try to feel is
how your Inner Being feels about everything that youíre asking for,
because your Inner Being knows the end of the movie. And your Inner
Being knows it turned out really really good. And as you are feeling
for how your Inner Being feels about it then even though it hasnít
turned out for you yet, now your attitude is downstream - expectant,
rather than upstream - doubtful.

Abraham-Hicks, Hawaiian Cruise 2007
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You don't have to put your attention on what you want , if it doesn't feel good
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