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 Rampage for learning how to channel

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PostSubject: Rampage for learning how to channel   Mon Jun 09 2008, 01:07

I love all the new information I read about channeling now.
I love to feel the desire in my to be a channel.
I love to learn about seeing, feeling and hearing signs.
I love to read this book from Senaya Roman about the succes of channeling from people who have this desire.
I love to feel new desires born within me.
I love the peace I feel during reading.
I love it is so much relaxinging I felt a sleep several times.
I love to feel having no doubts at all only excitement.
I love to have thoughts about being a real succesful channel and giving this all my attention.
I love having thoughts about channeling like it is my biggest true intention to do so.
I love it I will start it when it is the right time and place....

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PostSubject: Re: Rampage for learning how to channel   Mon Jun 09 2008, 13:37

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Rampage for learning how to channel
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