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 Art topic, source and loa

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PostSubject: Art topic, source and loa   Sun Mar 09 2008, 23:33

My primary interest is in Art.
I'm feeling good when composing colors.
I use drawings as a way to communicate source, to be in source - connected, from my teenage years, or even before. sunshine
When I draw I'm one with source, and what I draw is than fantastic!(well it happens when I write, too.)
This is a form of meditation, thinking about people, events, myself, and under my arm there is drawing that form itself, from angelic - like understanding of my life and choices. I feel soo good when I'm doing that, heart 1 .
While I draw this way-thinking about my life, all my art knowledge come into synthesis and drawings are so fine.
Sometimes drawings tell me some truths.
Remind me on somethig as a signs.
They make me happy, when I see them.
Sometimes level of signs is like a movie mystical.
I also paint-compose colours and forms.
And my mystic experiences and experiences with Archangel communication, help me invent beautiful forms, details.
I'd like my paintings to be healing, and I'm working on it.
One picture I made out of my focus on my wish. And I felt power from it. Out of nowhere one fairy-godess figure that is pregnant was painted there where my immaginary house stands, and as I was finishing this picture,I felt some power of birth.
I really believe that there is GREAT power drawing your wishes as they exist. Prehistory people were drawing animals on the wall of the caves, as they believed that on that way they will really catch them.
Art is also the only form that brings not-material feelings of beauty, mystical,.., every special feelings on the Earth -use a materia as a medium, when we speak of painthing and sculptures, and photography.
This is why I like arts.
My wish is to paint this pictures on the highest level of abstraction & to work with angels as well as with Archangels to bring healing energies to them. And to be known artist. Now , with Abraham, I have open doors for creation of my fame, as I want it.
This subject I opened for many reasons:-for the reason of art is a process of getting higher in your vibration.
Also because of the fact, that art ads power to creation process.
Third, because of my wish to do this all my life, to do arts, and in very special manner, to continue where abstract painters started/they were so much reading and learning from ocult teachings that were present that days, and so on/
joy sunny to translate beautiful energy vibes into the pictures.
Please write on this subject as you're guided. heart
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PostSubject: Re: Art topic, source and loa   Sun Mar 09 2008, 23:40

Beautiful Topic!
I was thinking this last fridaynight..... Very Happy dancer
I made a drawing, it was realistic and I enjoyed it so much!!! magic downstream dancer magic downstream

Big Kis!!!

P.S, Shall we msn?? :smile3:
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Art topic, source and loa
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